Review: Molson Pub

September 23, 2009

veggie burer

Address: Toronto Pearson Airport, Terminal 1

Rich and Alana both ordered: Veggie burger with fries (Rich), Caesar salad (Alana)

Plus: Decent veggie burger.

Minus: Overpriced. Sullen staff. Plastic pint glasses. Too many laptops.

Rating: 6 airplanes out of 10

Rich sez: On our way to Dallas for the weekend to experience my AMAZING, over-the-top birthday present (Giants vs. Cowboys NFL game — home opener in the new Cowboys Stadium), Alana and I found ourselves sitting in the Molson Pub at the Pearson Airport for an early dinner. As we both cruised the menu, we decided that the veggie burger with pesto sauce would sit best on our 2 and 1/2 hour flight. I ordered mine with fries and a Caesar (SIDE NOTE: if the waitress askes if you want to make your $8 Caesar a double, just remember a 2nd shot costs $4 more at Molson Pub).

So, as I sipped on my surprisingly good Caesar and scanned the sports-themed spot, I noticed that every photo/wallpaper picture in the place was showing some Toronto sports figure jumping in the air. It was weird and dated. It makes sense that the pictures were dated — Toronto has not had a sports figure to celebrate in a long time. Yes there was Sundin and Carter, but where are they now? Exactly.

On my 2nd Terminator-style scan, my sensors were going off the charts for the number of middle aged men sitting by themselves with their laptops, scrolling their porn, checking their blackberries, and ordering pint after pint of Canadian. They were like douchebag drones from their future, divorced and sad.

FOOD ARRIVES – Great preso, ginormo burger with fresho looking patties. Fries were crisp with just the right amount of added salt — that being said, I made sure I polished those golden potato fingers first and fast before Alana could get her li’l talons on them. As I sunk my giant teeth into the burger I noticed there was really no pesto sauce…? WTFTTM* Molson Pub. Even though the burger was missing its pesto, I would say that it crushes Lick’s veggie burger for taste, size and texture. The Molson Pub in general is overpriced and lacking friendly staff, but makes up for it with more than satisfying pub food.

Alana sez: Eating at the airport is never a great experience. Everything costs twice as much once you pass security, the employees seem to loathe humanity, and travelling usually brings out the worst in people. As such, I wasn’t very hopeful that we would find a decent dinner in Terminal 1 on our way to Dallas. After surveying our options, Rich and I settled on Molson Pub, despite our hate-ons for Canadian. Hey, it was either that or a stale donut at Tim Horton’s.

After being seated by our sullen waitress, it didn’t take long for us to decide on our meals — there are only 2 fishetarian entrees on the menu. While we waited for our veggie burgers, I was brought a warm pint of Canadian in a plastic glass. Joy!

Our food took no time at all, and I was soon looking at a clearly homemade veggie patty that seemed to contain shredded carrots and zucchini. As Rich mentioned, there was none of the promised pesto sauce to be found. However, the patty itself seemed to have a subtle pesto flavour. I was suitably impressed. This was actually a pretty tasty burger! The Caesar salad on the side was also decent — lightly dressed with a tangy dressing, it was devoid of the usual wilted lettuce or gloppy pastiness that is often found in pub salads.

If you must eat at Pearson, make your way to Molson Pub. Despite its flaws, it’s definitely the best eats I’ve found at the airport.

* WTFTTM means What the Fuck to the MAX


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