Delightful News

April 13, 2010

With summer just around the corner, the lure of ice cream is becoming harder to resist — especially if it’s rich, organic, hand-crafted ice cream from Delight in the Junction. Earlier this evening, we were out for a walk in the neighborhood, enjoying the warming weather, when the sight of Delight’s storefront caused a Pavlovian-esque ice cream craving. We had a fever, and the only cure was Delight cones.

The small chocolate shop carries a variety of ice cream flavours (including a dairy-free option), and on this occasion we opted for one chocolate and one banana-caramel. The beautifully-textured scoops come tucked inside a handmade waffle cone, and are each topped with a dark chocolate heart (organic and fair trade, like all of the amazing chocolate at Delight).

As we paid for our treats, we learned some fantastic news. The owners of Delight are planning to open a new cheese shop next door, in time for the Junction Arts Fest (September 2010)! The shop will feature Canadian artisanal cheese, with many selections from Quebec. As cheese fanatics, we couldn’t be more excited about this development — we’ve been hoping for a cheese shop in the Junction for some time. September can’t come soon enough!


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