Address: 5130 Dundas Street West, Toronto

Rich and Alana both ordered: Kimchee Soon Tofu Bowl and a beer

Plus: Lots of neat free sides, including deep fried fishies! Fresh tofu! Waitresses in cute pink outfits, complete with Dairy Queen hats!

Minus: No Korean beer. Too many menus (!?)

Rating: 7 fish heads out of 10

Rich sez: Walking in at 6pm I thought this place would be bumping like a DDR in 99 but we were the only customers. Friendly service from a lovely  soft spoken broken english Korean woman dressed like a 50’s Dairy Queen server was cute. The first thing I noticed sitting down was thier menu on the wall and then we were handed the exact same menu, but bound. TO MANY MENUs not enough mics. Fine. So with Korean food being a spicy delight I thought a Korean beer would compliment it well but, when we asked for thier selection, we were given the usual North American suspects so I went with a Heini… As we waited for the food, several Korean familes started to busy the place up, which is always a good sign that the food is authentic. The sides dishes never stopped — as you can see from the picture above, we were suprised at the smiley deep fried fish, which were full of flavor but also some small bones, which is a big turn off for me with food. The one side I loved was the Korean version of agedashi tofu. So much flavour. On to the main course – the kimchee soon tofu bowl — sounds like a Korean college football chamiopnship…at first it was too hot to even taste but after I started to dig into it, it was tasty. They fill that bowl to the brim with fresh tofu, so good. Filling and delicious with the side of rice and my non-Korean beer. I guess all in all, i wanted a bigger menu with less menus, and Korean beer.

Alana sez: Welcome to the coherent part of the review. I don’t know why Rich is rambling on about menus and not liking bones in his food (do they pop up a lot in his cereal and potato salad?), but Chodang Soon Tofu is a solid, very authentic Korean joint, and definitely worth checking out. Service was quick and friendly, even though the waitress gave me a hilarious “HEH?!?” when I asked if I could get my tofu bowl without mushrooms. The sides were plentiful and, like Rich said, the Korean agedashi tofu was super tasty. My kimchee tofu bowl had a metric tonne of fresh tofu in it, and plenty of spice from the kimchee — with a bite of that weird purple Korean rice combined with each spoonful of soup, it was a hearty, tasty, and extremely filling meal. It’s not quite as kickass as Buk Chang Don Soon Tofu (Bloor and Clinton) when it comes to vegetarian soon tofu bowls, but it’s definitely a unique and delicious experience. For both of our meals, we only spent $28 including tip — a great deal considering the quantity of food we were given. Recommended.